Pale days are amongst us

Fall is turning the corner 

Harsh weather swoops down to leave its mark 

Goodbye summer

Spring soon to prevail


Everybody, anybody


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The body.

The only thing I’ve consistently had throughout my life.

Different shapes, various forms

Growing.breaking.peeling. pulling.scratching. opening.closing.

But still.

How, and when, did the heart get associated with emotions when it’s main purpose is function? Pumping blood. 

Yea, that’s love baby. 

Another question from my brain is how does this human brain create different thoughts and emotions with each person? 

How does an organ create individuality? A personality? 

I’ve lived with this body my whole life, and it’s still a mystery to me..

Whoever started this association of heart and love obviously had no idea either.



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Today I witnessed something filled with such purity and innocence
They weren’t even conscious of it.
Awakening a feeling of hope. A real, raw true spec of emotion that Facebook hasn’t been able to provide in years.
Non edited
Non rehearsed
Msg free
And I cried. I don’t know, just tugging at my heart
It was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen.